• Gabrielle Sander

48 Hour Guide to Gavi, Italy - Food and Travel

"Nestled into lower Piedmont, either a train ride or an hour’s drive from Genoa in the south and Milan in the north, Gavi is best known for the floral wines it’s been producing since the 17th century. Venture forth and you’ll find much more to savour in this medieval town, which is surrounded by a bountiful landscape of vineyards, dense woodlands and the curvaceous ‘sweet hills of Gavi’, which sweep across to the craggy Apennines and down to the Lemme Valley. As the Cortese grape harvest approaches its end, a delicious new season for food begins to unfurl, peppered with foraged black truffles and myriad wild mushrooms..."

Excerpt from my feature for Food and Travel magazine, published in the August/September 2019 issue. Read the online version here - https://foodandtravel.com/travel/48hours/gavi - for the best places to eat, drink, see and sleep in Gavi, Piedmont.