• Gabrielle Sander

Gourmet Ski Chalets - Food and Travel

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

"Fine food and fine conditions are the hallmarks of any memorable ski trip – but why stray from your cosy nook when the best meal is at yours? Gabrielle Sander gives her guide to Europe’s finest places to ski, eat, sleep and repeat."

The article that whisked me right back to all the memories of working a ski season in Val d'Isere when I was 18. The most exhausting (but fun) six months of my life juggling housekeeping for a luxury chalet company, with learning to snowboard, and the seasonnaire social life (7am starts do not mix well with 4am bed times...). This article is very much a look from the other side: a round-up of delicious chalets serving up equally tasty food, as well as my pick of top places to eat on the piste.

Published in the December 2018 issue of Food and Travel. Read the online version here: https://foodandtravel.com/travel/active-traveller/gourmet-ski-chalets