• Gabrielle Sander

On Top of the World - Cruise Advisor

"We were five days in, traversing the inky fjords of northern Norway, between Trondheim and Kirkenes, when the announcement came; just as I was teasing a strip of king crab from its orange spiky shell, with a long, sharp implement.

“Ladies and gentlemen, if you go outside now, you will see the northern lights.”

Down went the claw, on went the coat, gloves and bobble hat at Supermarket Sweep-speed, and up and out I leapt to deck seven. The moment I’d been waiting for, had failed to achieve in Iceland a few years before, and been excited about for weeks leading up to this trip, was finally here. Boy was it worth the wait."

Taken from my feature on Hurtigruten's Classic Voyage North, from Bergen to Kirkenes, published in the February 2020 issue of Cruise Advisor. Read the online version here: https://cruise-adviser.com/on-top-of-the-world/

The North Cape, Norway