• Gabrielle Sander

River Cruise: Basel to Amsterdam - The Telegraph

"Whereas museums and ancient sites might float other peoples’ proverbial boat, it’s the prospect of all the glorious new edible discoveries that excites me the most. The local bites you can only get there; the ingredients you can pick up to prolong and reignite that holiday ‘ah’, through newfound recipes and techniques back home. When that trip runs from Basel to Amsterdam, through four countries, six cities and five towns, rich in fine wine and weissbier, cheese and charcuterie, schnapps, schnitzel and stroopwafels, the anticipation dials up a notch."

An excerpt from my feature on Viking's 8-day Rhine Getaway river cruise. First published in The Sunday Telegraph, September, 2019, then later online. Read the online version here: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/cruises/articles/food-beauty-cruise-upper-middle-rhine/