• Gabrielle Sander

Welcome to Miami - Arbuturian

Four days in Miami and not once did I step foot onto its seven square-mile stretch of white sandy beach. Something that only strikes me as strange in hindsight. But then, if friends’ post trip tales, social media, and resident Will Smith, are anything to go by, I ‘did’ my first holiday to this south Florida city all wrong. ‘Every day like a mardi gras, everybody party all day… all night on the beach till the break of dawn,’ says Smith. ‘Drink all day, play all night,’ adds potty-mouthed lyrical scribe, LMFAO. Five days, four nights, not a party in sight, more like

I should’ve been strolling down Ocean Drive in my fishnet dress, inflatable neon pink flamingo under one arm, double-parked Pina Coladas in the other. Instead, I was making the most of the 8-hour time difference-induced jetlag, getting to bed at a decent hour, up with the lark for sunrise laps in deserted hotel pools, and spending every hour in between exploring the delights. On a hedonistic quest for the fabulous food I was told to expect, the Art Deco and mural-adorned architecture I’d seen in pictures, lounging in a duo of very different, but equally fabulous hotels, and soaking up as much vitamin D as I could...

Excerpt from my feature for The Arbuturian. Read it in full, here: http://www.arbuturian.com/travel/travelfeatures/welcome-to-miami

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